Season 45, Episodio 1
Director(es) Nathan Kress
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#HelpWanted is the forty-fifth episode of Season 1 of Sam & Cat, and is a one-hour special, as well as the series finale of Season 1. It first aired on August 9, 2014, straight after Nickelodeon's Sam & Cat: Party Celebration, celebrating the conclusion of the first season, and the huge announcement of the second season. The episode gained 3.21 million views, another outstanding viewership.

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Nevel Papperman is back - And is causing trouble in Los Angeles, and Sam must track him down and stop him before he gets in huge trouble. Meanwhile, Cat accidentally enrolls Dice at Hollywood Arts, and lies about him being a huge movie star, and must get him out of the huge web lie.

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  • Reed Alexander as Nevel Papperman

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  • This is the series finale of Season 1, but was filmed as the 42nd episode of Season 1. Nickelodeon moved it up three episodes up because they wanted viewership to go up even more, to avoid lower views.
    • Ironically, this episode had a brilliant viewership number, and did substantially well.
  • This episode aired straight after Nickelodeon's: Sam & Cat: Party Celebration, which was a special party, that ran for two hours, counting down to the final episode of Season 1, and the big revolution of the upcoming Season 2 (consisting 50 episodes, plus three specials). It also celebrated the conclusion of Season 1, after months of filming. It was also presented by the series' stars, Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande, Cameron Ocasio, Zoran Korach and Maree Cheatham.
  • Reed Alexander returned in the show, reprising Nevel Papperman. He last appeared in the show, in #SuperPsycho.
    • It was also revealed he arrived in Los Angeles to warn Sam about ''An evil person is looking for her'', possibly meaning Nora, but she is locked up in a high-vault security prison.
  • Nathan Kress, again directed this episode.