Season 1, Episodio 42
Director(es) Steve Hoefer
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#SamandCatSurprise, (or as known as its alternative title: #SamandCatSurprise: The Sam & Cat Gift) is the forty-second episode of Season 1 of Sam & Cat. It was a thirty minute special and aired on July 19, 2014, and gained a massive viewership of 2.3 million, and was ranked the third most-watched episode in the season.

It was again written by Dan Schneider, who took over as the head writer, and was again directed by Steve Hoefer.

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Sam is getting anonymous text messages on her phone, from a random caller, and spends her whole day, trying to find out who it is. Elsewhere, Cat gets into trouble, along with her friend, Jade ate Bots, and calls on a friend to help them - Or maybe two friends...

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To be added...

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Special Guest Stars Editar

  • Elizabeth Gillies as Jade West
  • Jerry Trainor as Spencer Shay
  • Leon Thomas III as André Harris
  • Avan Jogia as Beck Oliver

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  • This was filmed as the series finale of Season 1, but Nickelodeon placed it as the 42nd episode, to try to introduce new viewers, and to raise views of the show, as viewership began to decrease a bit through the season.
    • Reasons that go with this, is that Zorah Korach, who plays Goomer, was bumped up as a series regular, despite he wasn't made one in episodes 41, 43, and 44, and was made a regular during filming this episode, and those episodes take place before this episode.
    • And that, Sam moved to Seattle for 2 months, to visit old friends, and Cat staying at her parents place for 3 months, because she has not seen them for ages. Their storyline wasn't continued in episodes 43-44, or even mentioned, which also makes and puts this episode after the previous ones (episodes 41, 43, 44).
  • This episode aired in the UK & Ireland as the series finale, as well as the 45th episode, on October 31, 2014, on Halloween night, at 5:30pm, as part of ''Nickelodeon: Haunted Night's of Nick''. It aired late in the country, because of poorly organized episode structure.
  • In the USA, it aired on a Saturday, at a much later time of 10:30pm, a very late slot for any nick TV show, but it still managed to receive 2.3 million viewers. The remaining, three episodes still aired every Saturday, staying in its 10:30pm slot. It was ranked the most watched episode of the night, and trended a lot on Twitter.
  • This episode featured a special guest appearance, by Jerry Trainer, who last appeared in the blooper episode of Sam & Cat, #Blooper, but that was just a small cameo. He last appeared fully in the iCarly series finale, iGoodbye, although was mentioned, not by his characters name, but by his actors name, in another episode of Season 1, entitled, #TextingCompetiton. He was the one that kept calling Sam.
    • Other special guest stars, made appearances, such as, Leon Thomas III and Avan Jogia who reprised their roles as Beck Oliver and André Harris from Victorious. Elizabeth Gillies also came back to play Jade West, another character from Victorious, again. This is the second time she made an appearance in Sam & Cat following, #TheKillerTunaJump which had iCarly and Victorious characters being re-introduced and crossing over and interacting with other characters from both shows, including Sam & Cat. Jade, along with André, Beck and Tori, made a cameo in a Sam & Cat episode, titled, #MommaGoomer, along with Hollywood Arts.
  • Victoria Justice, another character from Victorious, who played the lead, Tori Vega was slated to make a guest appearance in this episode, as confirmed by Jeannette McCurdy, but however didn't, due to unknown reasons.
  • Straight after this episode aired in the USA, Nickelodeon renewed the show for a second season, consisting of 50 episodes, including three, one-hour specials, with various special guest stars making appearances, including Dan Schneider himself, who did the same thing, in another show created by him, Zoey 101.
  • Nickelodeon tweeted that the second season will begin to open a ''new chapter'' for Sam and Cat, along with the show, with tough decisions, friendships to be mended and much, much, more...
  • Hollywood Arts was mentioned by Jade.