Season 1, Episodio 41
Director(es) Steve Hoefer
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#SuperSpy is the forty-first episode of the first season of Sam & Cat. It first aired on Nickelodeon, on 18th July 2014, at a later time of 9:30pm, and gained 0.58 million viewers, making it one of the lowest episodes viewed in the show and season alone.

The episode was written by Dan Schneider and was directed by Steve Hoefer.

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Cat meets a strange woman, who claims to be a Spy - And turns Cat into one! Meanwhile, Sam helps Dice, to confront Goomer's terrifying fear of dolls, and they are all spooked out e is out to get them!

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  • TBA as Spy Girl

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  • There will be five more episodes, starting with this one, following, #Gettin'Wiggly, as in January 2014, Sam & Cat, was renewed for five more episodes, after the 40 episodes, due to the high success of the first part of the first season. Also, Nickelodeon wanted the first series to be completed on a good ''certain amount'' of episodes, and were originally looking at renewing Sam & Cat for fifty episodes, but scrapped the idea. However, June 25, 2014, the network ordered for a second and third season consisting fifty episodes, including three specials.
  • Tori and Trina Vega were both mentioned in this episode, as Cat said she had to go to her friend, Tori's house, to work on a important Hollywood Arts project, along with her other friends, Beck, Andre, Robbie and Jade, (Robbie and Jade appeared in Season 1 already in #TheKillerTunaJump), and an another Season 1 episode, #WeStealARockStar. Cat can also be seen, texting Tori, on her phone, via the shows transactions, which show screenshots.
    • This is also the first time, Trina and Tori have been mentioned, or made cameos in Sam & Cat.
    • This also confirms from other episodes of the show, that even after the series finale of the show, the Victorious universe, continues.
  • Goomer refernces iCarly.
  • Events from #SuperPsycho and #Pilot are mentioned.
  • Hollywood Arts makes a cameo appearance in this episode. This is the second time it has made a appearance, following, #MommaGoomer.
  • Drake & Josh can be seen on the television.