Season 1, Episodio 43
Director(es) Steve Hoefer
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#TheWorldsBestCook is the forty-third episode of Season 1 of Sam & Cat. It first aired on July 26, 2014, and gained 2.6 million views, a substantial viewership number for the season.

It was written by Dan Schneider.

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Sam and Cat compete to see who is a better cook, but struggle to make the perfect dish. Elsewhere, Goomer gets into trouble with his old classmate and Dice must bail him out.

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  • TBA as Cook Judges

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Trivia Editar

  • Zoran Korach, who plays Goomer, was bumped up as a series regular in the previous episode. This was due to bad production order, as the previous episode was supposed and was filmed as the Season 1 finale, but Nickelodeon moved it up to episode 42, and also, Zoran was made a series regular whilst filming the series finale.
  • This episode, along with episodes 44-45, stayed in Nick's 10:30pm Saturday night slot, and got great views. This one especially, has a adequate viewership of 2.6 million views, but Nickelodeon was expecting this one to score at lease 3.241 million views.
  • In the UK & Ireland, Nickelodeon showed this on November 1, 2014, as a sneak peak, but aired as a full episode, to promote the remaining episodes left in season 1.
  • Sikowitz was mentioned.
  • Jade was mentioned.
  • Rex, Robbie's (from Victorious) puppet, made a quick cameo at the studio.